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Mimbula-Fitula Primary Community School


Poverty, poor educational opportunities and early childhood marriages perpetuate one another in the rural areas in Zambia. Children in Mimbula-Fitula rural areas are being failed by systemic problems including:

  • No government primary schools nearby( nearest school is over 9Kilometres away)
  • Inadequate numbers of teachers and volunteers ( 2 teachers-324 pupils)
  • Insufficient means to support volunteers financially.
  • Inadequate space for teachable class sizes ( 2-room classes for Pre-school- Grade 7)
  • Inadequate classroom time due to lack of space( 2hours daily classroom time)
  • Lack of resources for school materials or fees.
  • Low school attendance and retention rates because of poor health and nutrition, early childhood marriages and child labour.

Children remain trapped in the cycle of poverty and illiteracy within which they were born. We aim to support the rural children by providing a primary school education environment that is safe and encouraging, so that students may learn and be equipped with skills and knowledge to develop, thrive, and flourish.

Join Our Cause!
Chitemwiko Foundation desires to improve the school facilities and education provided to the students.

  • Donate to build more classroom blocks to allow more space and classroom time for the pupils A block is 0.4c
  • The water and sanitation is non-existent and the children relive themselves in the bush and draw water from an old dirty fish pond. The toilet is being constructed and an area identified to sink a borehole for clean running water. The Bill of Quantity is $ 1,500
  • Sponsor a child: A contribution of $10 USD per month can help a child complete primary education
  • Sponsor the feeding program: a contribution of $5 USD would provide a meal for a child
  • Volunteer to teach: use your teaching skills to teach various subjects.
  • Share ideas and volunteers to support Chitemwiko with income earning activities to meet various needs of the school.
  • Give to the Merit-Scholarship Trust that helps financially support exceptional rural children to advance to secondary school and eventually college education and break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and early childhood marriages

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